Thank God It’s Friday…

This is just a fun post because this week has been a very long week and I am just very happy that it is finally Friday!  I really don’t have to much to say this week.  I look forward to getting back to everything sometime next week!  Please look and get back with me sometime next week!  Everyone I hope yall have a great weekend!  Thanks and be safe!!!

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Always Think Positive

I would say a very import tip is to always stay in the best positive mind that you can!  This is because you may be depressed with the time and money you may spend to create your online business that you may wonder if all the time you spend is worth the reward!  Just think how great it will be once you get there that you can work from the comfort of your house!  Not many people can say they can do this!  Like I said just stay positive and keep learning the money will come.  Rome was not built in a day!

Web Design Home Based

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Keys to Success

All I can really say is that the main keys to success is to try to do what you are really good at.  The rest of the stuff you can alway just outsource if needed.  Also just get stuff done!!!

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Essentials Of Website Design

To create well crafted and original web design, the designer, need to know as well as requires the necessary tools to do justice to the job. The key to a good website is a simple design. Hence, sites that are designed beautifully, organized well enough as well as informative mostly attract a lot of traffic in the long term as these are directed towards the need of the readers. There are essentials with the help of this one may design an attractive, user-friendly website with the potential to attract a maximum number of users. Some of the essentials of website design are listed below:
Web Design


The first important thing is how easily the reader can locate the information which he is searching that too efficiently as well as quickly as possible. Most often the websites that are successful and popular are easy to use and straightforward so that the reader does not lose interest and difficulty in searching the information. Links should be properly used, and words should be used to describe what the readers will read by clicking on them. Besides this, the designer must make sure that website’s navigation bar is always located in the same place on every page.


The web page should be made attractive by leaving enough white space or unused space so that pages do not appear cramped. The designers must divide the information into small paragraphs in spite of putting a whole large block of text altogether. The Proper heading should be used, and heading should be in bold. Bullets and numbering should be added at appropriate places wherever necessary.


To convey the information to the readers, proper font, size and color of the text should be used. Fonts like Verdana and sans-serif should be utilized. Designers must be careful while choosing the color of the text, hence, try to choose the color that suits best with the background. The designer should not make use of busy background as this will make the text difficult to distinguish.


Images play an extremely significant role in a website as images serve various functions depending upon the purpose of the site. While using pictures in the website, copyrights must be applied. Hence, a designer must only use those images that is created by him or that have permission to post. Also, the extension used in the model can affect the quality of a picture and the time taken to load the pages. JPEG, GIF, and PNG are the best file extensions that are best for the web pages.

Web Design

Search Engine Optimization

In spite of creating the best website, if the search engine is not able to find it, then no one else can find it. Hence, the designer should create content that has wisely chosen keywords, in addition to an appropriate keyword, the density corresponding to word count. While creating web pages, the designer must consider that which keywords the readers may use so as to find the information that they are looking for that is provided on the website. For this purpose, Google Ad Words is an excellent source where one may find that which terms people often search and how often each term is searched per month.

You may not want to do all this yourself!  I think you should really do your research when hiring a company to do your Web Design!  I found one that I have told you about before that I have used local to me that does some of the very best web design Baton Rouge has to offer.  You may also just go to Google and check some of the reviews!  I already know this company has great google reviews.

Here is a great Video showing you how to make a Website:


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What To Look For In A Seo Experts Company?

Any time SEO authorities accept the task of providing a client with SEO services as a way to help these people rank the websites concerning keywords, key phrases, and keyword phrases, they make certain that these internet sites are listed in the particular timeline.
Clients can make a decision on monthly maintenance as a way to retain or maybe increase the sites’ rankings given that they wish following the keywords or key phrases have been ranked simply by these SEO experts. This is important due to the fact Google messages its calculations over a continual basis, and also this can influence the positions. In improvement, it is usually good to be aware of that there will almost always be competition through other sites which are fighting challenging to eclipse your online site’s ranking. Therefore, constant algorithms regarding SEO makes certain that your website and small business stays in the lead.
A fantastic SEO experts company makes confident that it offers the client in what it had been hired concerning. If you have been around in the website business for quite a while without realizing the most efficient results feasible, you might wonder where you might have erred and what you should do for you to rectify this error. Such a new scenario needs a specialist with expertise in SEO matters for you to scrutinize your website as a way to unearth the particular problem. This could be caused by various issues ranging from inappropriate keywords to inadequate content, which will not be hard for you to rectify. To whoever has little know-how about computers this, search engine optimization may resemble quantum physics or maybe rocket science and therefore, it may well not make feeling, especially about some keyword phrases and phrases.
Much traffic occurs through SERP in Google; therefore, hiring an expert in SEO is significant in being sure the right results of both your website and small business. Most people concentrate on the first you to three internet pages of Google listings for whatever they are seeking.
You have to understand in which SEO seriously isn’t something technological. In improvement, guaranteed SEO results concerning keywords seriously aren’t achievable in many days or possibly a month. It may take several months to attain first site rankings for keyword phrases that usually are highly competitive and also this depends on the volume of keywords, the competition involved, how long the internet site has been doing an operation, plus the page rank, among other factors.

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Graphic Design and All Its Types!

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the artwork of projecting ideas and experience through visual and textual content. It can include images, texts, or a combo of texts and images to communicate people. It incorporates an important amount of artistic and professional disciplines that target on visual communication and powerful presentation.

Given below are various types of visual designs:

Image-based graphic design

This relates to those graphic works that represent various ideas through graphics and images. It can be highly powerful. That can communicate people in a simpler way. That can convey a complicated idea or message easily. Viewers may easily understand it. They have proved that pictures are usually more powerful than extensive text message.

Type-based graphic design

Type-based refers to the text messaging used in various styles to convey an idea or message. It includes stylish typography or handmade lettering to communicate the viewers. It can certainly get the attention of the viewers.

Image and type graphic design

Web Designers incorporate images and typography to develop this graphic work. It truly is highly powerful in sales alteration. It can play a substantial role to create a custom message.

Symbols, art logos and logo types graphic design

These can convey a message easily yet significantly. Symbols, trademarks and logo types are blended in a right percentage to make a significant brand identity. It may give your business a significant facelift.

Graphic DesignLogo Design

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Benefits Of Starting A Home Based Business with a Website!

Many people would like to be employed. However, there are those people who wish to start a home based business. You can actually make money from both avenues. However, there are more benefits of starting a home based business than getting employed. The following are some benefits of starting a home based business:

  1. Flexibility of your schedule.

When you start a home based business, you are likely to enjoy more flexibility in your schedule than when you are employed. Remember that when you are employed, there is less freedom since you have to report to somebody who is above you. However, when you are your own boss, you are likely to enjoy more flexibility.

  1. Higher financial ceiling.

Due to more freedom, you are likely to do many activities during your free time. Some of these activities can actually bring you high levels of income. This makes you to have a higher financial ceiling than when you are employed.

  1. Enable you to help others.

Life is not simply about our own selves. It is also about helping others. Once you have started your home based business, you are likely to employ more people to help you in your business. This is actually one way through which you can create employment for them thereby helping them.

Those are some of the benefits of starting a home based business. Start a home based business and you will not regret.  To do this you will need some type of website:  either you can get a company to make you something that looks good for an affordable price.  I found a company named UR Affordable Design Team that does some of the best Baton Rouge Web Design in the great Baton Rouge Area!  If you can not afford to pay for a Website then just get something like WordPress for a free account to just get you buy till you can affordable something better!

Web Design Home Based

Web Design

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